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Parham Taghioff 's Architectural Photographs at Association of Slovak Architects


Exhibition presenting the best photos from the Architectural Photography Award 2017.

Headquarters of the Association of Slovak Architects in Bratislava, wonderful building.

Parham Taghioff 's Architectural Photographs at Jaroslav Fragner Gallery


Exhibition presenting the best photos from the Architectural Photography Award 2017.

Architectural Photography Award 2017 launched on June 15, 2017 by the Association of Hungarian Architects and the Hungarian Architecture magazine invited photographs from all over the world in two categories: open and professional. Deadline for the registration and submitting photographs was on September 30, 2017.

The main objective of this contest was to encourage and inspire thinking about our man-made environment via architecture-related photographs. The year 2012 saw the moment when 50 % of the entire population of Planet Earth became a town- or citydweller. Since then the significance of our built environment has risen to an unprecedented new scale and level which makes a world of difference compared to earlier periods of human history. This change of proportions is clearly reflected in the spread and evolution of architectural photography which we experience all round the world nowadays. Our image of man-made environments as well as our co-existence with urban phenomena produce new aspects from time to time. This contest was targeted to raise awareness of all these tendencies: to view the buildings and humans, the urban sphere and the lives of cities and towns, the relations between natural and urban landscapes with an open-minded approach.

The entries received (single images or photo series) have been evaluated by the international jury on a specially designed online interface. The jury evaluated the overall performance of the photographers based on their submitted works. Based on the evaluation of the international jury 10-10 finalists were selected, of whom 1-1 category winner was announced.

1273 photographs of 137 applicants form 34 countries of 5 continents arrived for the Architectural Photography Award 2017.

The results of the Architectural Photography Award 2017:

Professional category

Winner: Zhang Yong

Shortlist: Laurian Ghinitoiu, József Hajdú, Radu Malasincu, Catalin Marin, Wang Ning, Robert Pufleb, Liang Šan, Parham Taghioff, Tamás Török.

Architectural Photography Award


It is a great pleasure for us to inform that Parham Taghioff ‘s work has been selected by the international jury into the professional category shortlist of Architectural Photography Award 2017.
The award ceremony and the exhibition opening will be held on November 22, 2017 in Budapest.
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